Fun Flirty and Fabulous 5&5 

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Race FAQs:


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Q: How long is the Fun, Flirty & Fabulous 5&5?

A: There are 2 races going on. One is a 5k that is approximately 3.1 miles and the other is 5 miles.


Q: What time does the race begin?

A: 10am See Home page for full schedule...lots going on!


Q: How much does it cost?

A: 5k is $25 and 5 mile is $30 if register before January 31, $5 increase there after. That includes a performance race shirt, race bag with goodies, opportunity at AWESOME random prizes and so much more!!


 Q: When can I pick up my shirt?

A: You can pick up your race bag & shirt 10am - 5pm SATURDAY (the day before the race) at Big River Running-West County Location  at 14047 Manchester Road Ballwin, MO (636) 394-5500 WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE PACKET PICK UP (and avoiding lines on Race Day!!)


Q: Can someone else pick up my shirt?

A: Yes, they will sign off that they picked it up. Let them know what prize you want to be entered into to win! And $5 donation to Living Water International gets you a second chance at any prize of your choice or the same one!


Q: Do we get goodie bags?




Q: Is the course stroller friendly?

A: Yes! The entire course is paved!


Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Yes! Just get there will be over 1,000 runners and please only well behaved 4 legged friends only ;) with pooper scoopers!


Q: What are the prizes?

A: Yes! Details coming


Q: Are you still accepting registrations?

A: Yes on Home page


Q: If I register late will I still get a shirt?

A: Yes! In the event we run out of shirts before the race we will place an additional orders!! EVERYONE who registers gets a shirt!! You have my word!!! Committed you are totally showin off your stuff!!!!! LOVE who each one of you are in the world!!!


Q: Are there men registered?

A: Yes! We have men participation as runners, volunteers, sponsors and spectators!


Q: Where do I get one of those Fun, Flirty and Fabulous bumperstickers ?

A: Show off WHO YOU ARE and what you are CREATING IN YOUR LIFE with this Fun, Flirty and Fabulous 5 Euro bumper/window sticker!! (and we splurged for the good completely removable-no damage to your car...fabulous, rite??!!) Available for sale for $2 Saturday at packet pick up & RACE DAY Sunday...for every F3 bumper/window sticker purchase...F3 will donate $1 to Living Water International!!


 Q: Where can I find timing results after race day?

A: Big River Race Management is our timing company. You can find your results after the race here:


Q: Where can I find PICTURES after race day?

A: ABW Digital is our official race photographer. Also find his other work at 


Q: Did I see you on Show Me St. Louis?

A: Yes! Aired Friday February 15th, 2013 at 10:30am!


Q: What is the weather like in St. Louis in February?

A: If you live know this is a belly laughing question :) BUT what I can share with you is 2012 on February was 65 degrees!!! How do I know this crazy fact??!! I was doing a little blogging back then and I actually said "Its 65 degrees on February 22 in St. Louis...grab your running shoes and START TODAY!" to love the internet :) 2013 started out chilly but was SUNNY AND EXTRAORDINARY!


Q: Where is the money going?

A: We are awaiting 501 (c)3 status from the state of Missouri. We are committed   to empower and enable women and their families, to better improve mankind; and to provide hope (Be the Light) to ALL women from all walks of life, despite age, race, gender, religious beliefs or socio-economic status.   To operate systems, centers, networks, or other means and methods dedicated to empowering and enabling women in health, life and business with tools and programs that support long-term sustainability of financial freedom, personal growth, and spiritual enrichment through events,  educational workshops, life-skills training classes, leadership development summits, small group mentoring, emergency relief efforts, humanitarian aid, a unique online social network, and television and radio broadcasts.



Q: Why did you create this race?

A:  So little bit of back ground…I am in a Landmark Education program called SELP...Self Expression and Leadership Program….growth and development at its finest J so within the course you take on a project and have it come to reality before Feb 19th…end of class…with measurable results in an area of life you are passionate about.  I am committed all women know their greatness. I took on this race…and along the way everything in you starts to scream…you can’t do this, you’re not going to do this, no one will be there…etc…of course on the other side is power and freedom J it is a daily challenge and I get I am in the perfect place.


Have you heard of Susan Komen walk for breast cancer or Habitat for Humanity…those projects came out of this program plus millions more of all sizes.  It’s a trip…and the true power comes in enrolling your community to take on the project with you…really create something more powerful together than any 1 person could have done on their own.


Q:  What do you intend on accomplishing out of this event?

A: Touch, move and inspire women in an area of life important to them.  Have them see themselves as worthy & beautiful.  Have them take on something in their life they ordinarily wouldn't have and share that with someone else!


Q:  What's Possible from that?


A: I cannot even begin to imagine the impact we could have when women truly know their GREATNESS. What would be possible for you?


Q: Will there be water and food?


A: Yes, we are working with sponsors to create post race refreshments


Q: What if I cannot finish?

A: Safety is our PRIMARY concern and will we will have support for you around every step of your journey....we are even creating buddy systems...we are committed you finish!


Q: Is this an annual event?

A: Yes this is our second year...Join us for a Fun, Flirty & Fabulous REVOLUTION!!


 Q: Can I share my story & goals with this community?

A: YES!! Please use our Facebook page to create the support you want!


Q: Are you going to start blogging again?

A: Yes...I want to so bad...I am a terribly slow writer...but I DO know the difference it made...once I get this race funded...I will get my fingers moving again!